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Connect4Learning® is the research-based, classroom tested in interdisciplinary prekindergarten curriculum. Developed through funding from the National Science Foundation, it integrates research-validated teaching methodologies from early childhood experts in mathematics, science, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Why Connect4Learning®?

Too few prekindergarten classrooms provide opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary learning, choosing instead to focus on just one or two areas. Unsurprisingly, the United States still falls below other developed countries in literacy, math, and science proficiency. This gap is even wider for children living in poverty.

Closing that gap begins in pre-K.

We need a curriculum that connects with children's eagerness and readiness to learn.

Connect4Learning® was developed to meet this challenge.

Using research-based and classroom-tested foundations in literacy, science, social-emotional, and mathematics learning, Connect4Learning® weaves together all four domains to ensure that each subject is addressed meaningfully and comprehensively with each child.

Connect4Learning features six curriculum units that are focused on supporting children's development of ten comprehensive cognitive processes. These core processes are both domain specific and applicable across all four learning domains.