Preschool FAQ's

What does a high quality preschool program look like?

Choosing a high quality preschool doesn't have to be hard when you know what to look for. This document titled, Key Elements of High-Quality Early Childhood Learning Environments: Preschool, highlights 5 - key elements that draw from national and state standards for early childhood. These standards are based on research in child development that exemplifies proven practices in early education. Furthermore, these Key Elements are aligned to Michigan’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten (ECSQ-PK) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children From Birth Through Age 8, and the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards.

Key Element #1 High Quality Learning Environments Our environment is designed to promote high quality learning and interactions in all domains throughout the day. 

Key Element #2 Consistent daily routine Pentwater Preschool implements a consistent daily routine to promote balanced participatory learning through all portions of the day .

Key Element #3 Adult-child relationships Responsive adult-child interactions promote secure relationships that support learning throughout the day. 

Key Element #4 Intentional Teaching We use intentional teaching practices to support continued growth in all aspects of children’s development and learning. 

Key Element #5 Engaging families The relationship with each family is valued and strengthened by seeking multiple ways to partner in their child’s development and learning.


What is the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)?

The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a four year old preschool program that is free to most families. GSRP is grant funded through the state of Michigan and gives access to preschool to children who do not qualify for Head Start and to those seeking quality preschool programming. 

The program is free and income level will be the primary factor needed for determining eligibility and prioritization for enrollment of children who live in families at or below 250% Federal Poverty Level. Any child from a family above 250% Federal Poverty Level will be required to pay tuition based on a sliding scale fee. 

Extensive research suggest that high quality preschool programs, like GSRP, show significant positive developmental differences when compared to children from the same backgrounds who did not attend a high-quality preschool program.

Pentwater Preschool is a community based non-profit organization partnering with GSRP. Together we provide all children with high quality, play based experiences that are rich in math, science, literacy & language.  Our program is developmentally appropriate and will largely prepare students for the rigors of kindergarten upon program completion. 

The GSRP program follows the Standards of Quality and Curriculum Guidelines set by the Michigan State Board of Education and licensing requirements set forth by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. We maintain a ratio of 1 teacher to 8 students and can accommodate up to 16 student in each classroom. 

How does Pentwater Preschool rank in quality?

Pentwater Preschool just received a 5 star rating by Michigan's Great Start to Quality!

We're ranked highest in our region compared to all other preschools programs!

Great Start to Quality measures the quality of early childhood programs and providers in Michigan by using more than 40 program quality indicators aligned with Michigan’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs , Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten and Michigan Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality. The program quality indicators are standards used to measure the quality of a program in a specific area. Each program quality indicator falls into one of five categories.

The five categories used to measure quality include:

Why is preschool important?

The period between birth up to 8 years of age is arguably the most crucial in a child’s life. A quality preschool program provides opportunities for your child to build strong foundational skills in areas such as math, literacy, social - emotional development,  and offers a rich environment that nurtures children's natural curiosity and creativity. 

To learn more about the Quality Program Standards for Prekindergarten defined by the Michigan State Board of Education, visit